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Welcome to Twisted Tartan Liquor Store!


Thank you for checking out the Twisted Tartan Liquor Store, home of the best liquor prices in Saskatoon! Before continuing there are six things you need to know:

  1. Membership required to create orders: While guests are free to browse the inventory, in order to access your checkout page you must create an account by going to Join Now. Memberships are free and take under a minute to set up. After creating an account you will have full access to all inventory and site features.
  2. Liquor license required: All transactions are business-to-business. In order to purchase through the Twisted Tartan Liquor Store a valid consignee number will be required at checkout.
  3. No payments are processed through the site: When at checkout you will notice the only payment option is cash on delivery. Twisted Tartan does not charge until having shipped your order to your business and therefore does not charge anything at checkout. Upon delivery Twisted Tartan accepts cash, cheque, debit & all major credit cards.
  4. Orders are delivered within 2 business days: All orders received through the site will be processed and delivered within 2 business days of receiving the order.
  5. $10 delivery fee for orders under $300: Any orders made with a subtotal under $300 will be subject to an additional $10 delivery fee. All orders over $300 receive free delivery.
  6. Order sheets available for download: If you don’t want to purchase through the website order sheets are available for download to send through fax. Order sheets available HERE

Thanks for choosing the Twisted Tartan Liquor Store for all your liquor purchasing needs! Begin shopping or browsing inventory at the Shop Page.